5 thoughts on “Voices of the World April’s Task

  1. Hello to all the Allstars and what stars you guys are. I really enjoyed watching your show because of the imaginative way you presented the colours. Finding objects for each colour must have been fun. Was purple easy to find?

    Mrs Tonner – Scotland 🙂

  2. Hello Mrs Tonner,
    Thank you for your comment – we had lots of fun doing this task 🙂

    You are right – purple was very hard to find, but we seemed to have LOTS of pink stuff :0

    We are wondering what May’s task will be…….

  3. Latika

    Hi Ms P

    I see the waves
    I think they are taking the people to safety
    I wonder if the waves are friends with the people

  4. Katherine

    Hi Alstars,
    great thing you did there:)
    Its alsome and just to let you know it was so colourfull:lol:

  5. Katherine

    Hi Allstars,.
    its Katherine, you really did good in that “votw”
    clip that looks cool :mrgreen:
    And i like the colours that you did it was so colourful that it made my head go….


    Bye From: Katherine 😆

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