Gaudi: I see, I think, I wonder…..


This year all of the classes in our school are being named after artists.

Our class is named after the brilliant architect/artist Antoni Gaudi.

We spent this morning looking at some of Gaudi’s amazing buildings, fantastic mosaics and creative motifs or plants and animals.

Next we all took smaller photographs and postcards and worked on the “See, Think, Wonder” routine in our groups. There was lots of interesting discussions and points of view about Gaudi’s work.

DSC09496  DSC09494  DSC09495

Lastly we came together as a whole group and thought about all of Gaudi’s work, and how he saw the world. We came up with some new vocabulary and ideas when we listened and responded to the thoughts of the other kids in the group.

9 thoughts on “Gaudi: I see, I think, I wonder…..

  1. I think that you chose a very good artist.Antonio Gaudi builded very nice houses and buildings when he was still alive!If he was alive right now,I would telll him to build a modern style house!What do you think?

  2. Cindy,
    I would love to see what Gaudi designed now, imagine the buildings and the mosaics! I would have liked Gaudi to see the Sagrada Familia finished so he could enjoy it.

  3. hey Mrs p how r u? The weather says it might snow tonight and tomorrow. Im havingg a very nice time. i hope u have fun with our new class –
    may i ask watss our new name???
    😛 :O 🙁 😀 (@) (l) :l

  4. Hello Michelle – its really, really hot here at the moment 🙁
    Where exactly are you? Must be northern hemisphere if it’s snowing! When are you coming back to school?
    Our new class name is 3Gaudi – he is a Spanish architect from Barcelona!
    Safe travels,

  5. Hello Mrs P & 3Gaudi
    How are you all?
    Having a great start of 2011? 🙂
    I hope so, You’ll have heap of fun with Mrs P
    I miss you all so much and hopefully i’ll come and visit you, someday. 🙂
    Have an EPIC year & Good luck to all the yr 6’s for this year 🙂
    Bye For Now, Not Forever

  6. Odelia S.

    Hey Allstars,

    It seems you’ve had quite some fun the past week and i really like your new class name and are you planing anything think interesting to do this term/year??

  7. Mahrukh

    Hi ”2011″ Allstars,

    Looks like you’ve been having lots of fun learning about Antonio Gaudi. 😎
    Hope all of the year fives are having lots of fun in their new class! 🙂
    I will soon come to visit BSPS…

    One Question…
    Every term you have a new topic to study, what is it this term?
    I’ll be waiting for the answer!

    Until then hope all of you have fun…

  8. Hi 3gaudi
    I love the way you guys are working as a group in those funny pictures .Well keep up the good work .bye.

    Love your blog.

    From Sarah in miss yorks class

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