More See, Think, Wonder!


Gaudi - skylight Gaudi - casa battlo Gaudi - mosaics

I see ….

  • colours
  • nature: plants, birds, creatures
  • patterns
  • structures
  • shiny – tiles, plates, glass, metals, copper
  • movement
  • illusions
  • reflections

I think ….

  • excitement
  • strange
  • colourful
  • alive/living
  • stands out
  • theatrical
  • joyful
  • 3D
  • unique
  • celebration
  • weird
  • very different
  • amazing

I wonder ……

  • how/where does Gaudi get his ideas?
  • why did Gaudi  become an architect?
  • how difficult was it to build the buildings?
  • how did he know his designs would work?
  • why does Gaudi want to be different?
  • what or who inspired him?
  • why and how do his buildings look like they are moving?

Image: ‘casa batllo

Image: ‘Casa Battló

    4 thoughts on “More See, Think, Wonder!

    1. Hey Guys,

      I just wanted to say hello and that your really lucky to be doing Gaudi. He was a fantastic architect. 🙂

      Hello to last years year 5’s you guys are in year six now so you are the leaders. You have to be rolemodels for the year 5’s in your class now. 🙂

      It’s great to see you working really well there were some really awesome dot points about Gaudi. 🙂

      Seeya! 🙂


    2. Hi guys,
      I an see you’re doing some trully inspiring work on Gaudi.
      Have fun year 5, having known them already, I assure you that they’re friendly. 🙂
      I’m having fun in high school but I still miss all of you!

      bye :mrgreen:

    3. Hello Irina – thanks for letting us know how you are getting on at High School.
      Everyone is settled in here now and just getting on with learning!
      Keep looking at the blog to see what we are doing 🙂

    4. Hello Justin
      We are all pretty impressed with Gaudi’s works – love the colours and craziness of it all :-O
      Hope High School is going well – enjoy!

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